WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest Version 6.25 For Android


WhatsApp Plus Apk Download: Smartphone and its applications have become one the major driving force of our life. From the time we get out of our bed and till the time we again go to bed at night, these apps run our life. Our morning starts with “Good morning” message on WhatsApp and ends with the “Goodnight’. From keeping track of what we have eaten the entire day to offering us healthy eating choices, these apps tell us everything. There are scores of apps that we get on smartphones. Amongst these thousands of applications, WhatsApp is the most popular and with latest WhatsApp Plus Apk update it has raised the bar even higher.

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest Version

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download
WhatsApp Plus Apk Download

WhatsApp has more than 100 million users, or you can say that there is hardly anyone who does not use WhatsApp. It has become the permanent feature of any smartphone. All you need to run WhatsApp is a steady internet connection and you are fairly connected to anyone anywhere. WhatsApp is the best way to stay connected with your near and dear ones especially with those who stay far away. Now you don’t have to wait for any special occasions to call and talk to our friends and family as WhatsApp has made it really easy to connect. These apps help us to stay with them all day long. Apps like WhatsApp have helped in decreasing distances and bringing people closer.

WhatsApp & its features:

When WhatsApp was introduced, it came with few features only including texting, sending pictures and videos, but over the time, there have been various modifications in the application. The latest version of WhatsApp comes with the more advanced features like audio and video calling. The best part about these calling features is that no extra money is charged from your account, you just need to have a data connection for the same. These amazing features of this multifunctional app have made it popular among people of all age groups. It has become a significant part of everyone’s life. We spend hours of our daily routine on WhatsApp. In fact, WhatsApp is used for official communication as well, you can make the official group on the same and can use it for office communication. Isn’t it amazing that how one app has brought everyone together?

Even though WhatsApp has such amazing features, but we all are aware of human nature that makes leaves us wanting more every time. We even demand features that are restricted on WhatsApp and therefore today through this article we are going to share with in-depth information of the replica of this amazing app. Whatsapp Plus Apk is the mirror image of WhatsApp but with some advanced features. There is no restriction in using any of the features which otherwise is not possible to use on regular WhatsApp.

What is Whatsapp plus apk ?

Whatsapp Plus Apk is the modified and better version of WhatsApp. You can do anonymous chat and can perform various brilliant and amazing features of this app. WhatsApp Plus Apk was developed by a developer from Spain Rafale in 2012. It is really convenient, safe and easy to install and use. It offers lots of customization that you can do with your account. However, Whatsapp plus Apk is only available for Android users, and because it is the replica of original WhatsApp, therefore, is not available on play store. But don’t worry we have got the complete installation guide for you along with the link from where you can download the same. But before we move on to the installation process of WhatsApp plus apk, let’s get to know more about this brilliant app.

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Apk Info

APP NAMEWhatsApp Plus
RequiredAndroid 2.2 +
App Size35 MB
Last Updated28 March 2018

Features of Latest version of Whatsapp plus apk

  • Auto reply: In WhatsApp plus apk you will get a feature where you can enable the auto-reply feature on your app. Like we do on emails when we are not available we set an auto-reply for those who send us an email, in the same way in case you are not available you can set auto-reply on WhatsApp as well.
  • Privacy Mode: Even normal WhatsApp has features like hiding blue tick and status, but what this plus app adds is that now you can hide the second tick as well. Yes, you read it right now if you don’t want your friends to know that message has been delivered to you or not you can hide that too.
  • Schedule messages: If you are using WhatsApp plus apk you need not remember who you need to call or message, it gives you an option of scheduling your call or the message.
  • Video call: Like regular WhatsApp, even WhatsApp plus apk provides you unlimited audio and video calling. Now, who cares about the bill if you have WhatsApp plus.
  • Customization: Though themes are available on regular WhatsApp as well, but here you will get more options for customization which is not restricted to screen only your keypad and everything will be customized along with.
  • You can make the group and can send links with the help of WhatsApp plus.
  • Once you will download the WhatsApp plus apk it will automatically change your WhatsApp icon to the icon of WhatsApp plus.
  • Like regular WhatsApp, even WhatsApp plus gets its regular update. Generally, an update for WhatsApp plus comes within a month.
  • Send heavy files: Through WhatsApp plus you need to limit the size of the document you want to send. It can also help you to send zipped files. Now you need to send multiple photos on three or four lots, you can send all the pictures to your friends in one go only.
  • Not only you can use customization feature on your WhatsApp but you can share such themes with your friends as well.
  • This one is a real surprise for each one of you, you can write your status up to 255 characters.
  • Now you need not have single status for everyone, you can customize your status as well. For different contacts, you can have a different status as well.
  • If you don’t want to lose some of your conversations with your loved ones while uninstalling the app, don’t worry you can take the back up for the same.

Phew!!! So many features in one single app, I am sure that our readers must be as excited as I am to download the same. So for your convenience and ease here is the complete installation process to download and install this multi-functional and improvised latest version of WhatsApp plus apk.

Step by step process of downloading WhatsApp plus apk

  • First of all, to download the app you need to go to security settings.
  • In the second step, enable the unknown sources. In most of the phones, this option is generally disabled. But when you download any file from third party source you need to enable the same.

  • Once you have enabled the unknown sources, click on the link mentioned below to download Whatsapp plus apk file.
  • Once the process of downloading will complete which may take some time, open the file.
WhatsApp Plus Apk
WhatsApp Plus Apk
  • Once you will open the file it will ask your permission to install the file. Just click on the install button.

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest

  • And here you go, you have successfully installed this amazing app on your android phone.

Download WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus Download Latest Apk
WhatsApp Plus Download Latest Apk
  • After successfully installing it, it will ask for number verification in the same way it regular WhatsApp asks for.

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version For Android

WhatsApp Plus Apk For Android Latest Version
WhatsApp Plus Apk For Android Latest Version

Make sure that to download the modified version of Whatsapp plus apk, you need to uninstall the original version of Whatsapp. Also when you will click on the link and will start downloading it, it may show a warning that the file may harm your system. Don’t worry and just ignore the warning as such warning is displayed with almost all the apk files. Just continue with the installation process and enjoy the app.

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With such outstanding and amazing features whatapp plus apk has garnered a lot of attention from people and has created a buzz. The number of downloads is increasing day by day. Few of the users who want to install the same, don’t do that as they fear of security breach. But be assured there is no breach of security and it is absolutely safe to download, install and use this app on your android phone. To download and install the latest version of WhatsApp plus apk, make sure that you check compatibility of your Android device with the app. You need to have android 4.0 or higher than that. Any low version of Android will not let you install the app.
So what are you waiting for, just follow the steps using the guide and download this brilliant app and start exploring its unique features.


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